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Here are 4 reasons why unsubscribing can be a bad idea, whether you do it by sending a reply email or opening an “unsubscribe” web link:
The Big NUMBER 1 is that you have confirmed to the sender that your email address is both valid and in active use. If the sender is less than good, they will take you off that list and put you on hundreds if not thousands of others by selling the info to his friends! The unsubscribe button also contains data in it with your email address, which you have inadvertently confirmed valid. It may also have gathered info on your machine and most likely the program you are using for email.

Number 2 : By responding to the email, you have positively confirmed that you have opened it, potentially read it and that your interest was piqued. This is information that will be used to get more emails to you of similar genre from them and their friends.

Number 3 : A cautionary note , If the email opens up a new browser window then you’re giving away even more about yourself as it most likely used what is called a cookie to gather location, IP address, your computer type (meaning the operating system and its version) and your default web browser.

Last but certainly not least, number 4 : This is in fact most scary and dangerous one of everything I talked about in this article. If you visit a website that is from one of these spammers you might have given them a way into your computer and they might have installed malware on your computer. This can happen even if you click nothing. These folks are insidious.

This kind of attack is known in our industry as a drive by attack and it can use exploits from a system that is not properly patched and maintained. These exploits are known to the spammer because of the data that was collected from your machine when the website was opened. The spammer now knows how to attack your machine without a mouse click from you!

I hope this helps you in your technology endeavors. We help protect a great deal of folks with our managed services. This not only provides Anti Virus and Anti Malware for the machines, but also manages patching and machine health. This provides an overall protection that antivirus alone simply cannot.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at helpdesk@mcpinc.com or call us at 585-343-2713.


Paul Marchese, CNE, CTNE
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