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Since 1981 Marchese Computer has served the Genesee area by supplying leading edge technology solutions in the fields of computers, networking, telecommunications, web design/hosting, and security systems. Locally owned and staffed, Marchese Computer provides service, warranty work, hardware, software, consulting and managed IT services. Marchese Computer, and its employees, actively support our community and other local businesses and take great pride in providing the best products and services possible to our local friends and neighbors at competitive prices.

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My Take On Cyber Security

Today you can’t help but get numb to the number of security attacks in the news over the past few months with Large Enterprises , like Yahoo and several Hospitals, making for a particularly attractive targets. However, you’re just as vulnerable and more likely to get hit when you’re a small business. Why? Simply because of the lack of resources and training.

As a small business owner, you’re worried about meeting payroll, closing that sale, or getting the product out/delivering on the project. You wear the IT hat or have that one IT person on staff you know can do it all. Once your systems are working, you simply don’t have time to worry about them being properly secured. Most companies don’t know what they need or the difference between solutions, therefore it is our job, with our 36 years of experience, to inform and secure your business or your home.

We, at Marchese’s, have made sure to model our company the way we would our customers. We have looked at various vendors and partnered with some who we feel gives the greatest value and support. We understand that both ourselves as a small business and our customers may not be able to afford to have the most expensive toolset. What we have done is made sure we start our conversation with security. Information is power and our goal is to help our customers understand the complexity of the landscape in today’s cyber world.

Questions that you need to ask yourself these days are: how secure are your customer mail servers? Can the CEO’s e-mail be spoofed? CEO fraud is a serious problem and we’ve seen employees performing wire transfers after receiving the “approval.”

We know the threats are real and there are plenty of examples showing us the importance of a properly secured network including what has been termed the Human Firewall. Working together we can help keep our customers’ networks safe and their customers’ information from being sold out on the dark net.

In closing, we want to help our customers understand this complex cyber arena we live in today and make sure that any requirements that may be in effect for their business are covered. We want our customers to have the right solutions in place, not necessarily the most expensive, to protect them from the threats that exists in the Internet today.
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The down side to Hosted phone systems: the following is from an actual log from one of the It professionals I know:

Client: HELP HELP HELP We can’t get online, our phones aren’t working at two locations, no internet we can’t get into our line of business applications!
Tech: Yea I can’t see your internet services so lets get Optimum on the phone hold on
Optimum: You have a past due balance of $$$$ and your services have been disabled because of that
Client: “Okay”
Tech: it would be in your best interest to put these services on autopay since your three locations are offline

The long and short of it is without Internet your phones are DEAD. the cable company does things like this all the time, useually without notice. With a Premise based system like Allworx, your phone lines work without Internet, so your business does not suffer during an outage of Internet like we've all had.
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YAHOO Hacked!!!!

Yahoo! is expected to announce today that they have been hacked exposing the information of 200 million users. The extent of the breach is unknown until their announcement but now would probably be a good time to change your Yahoo! passwords. I’m guessing that with that many users they hacked the information of the other services that Yahoo! is hosting the email for like AT&T.

I would actively protect yourself and work to change your passwords to complex ones with a minimum of 10 characters. the passwords should contain numbers, symbols, and both upper and lower case letters.
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Only 3 11X17 copier/Multi function machines left in our end of summer blowout.

Get a one of these machines for under $1000, normally $4000

Call us now for details at 343-2713.
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Watch out for "online" tech support services.

We have repaired several computers as of late that an unsuspecting person was paid to fix from some bogus online computer repair service.

A tip from my 36 years IT experience, never will Microsoft, HP, or any big company call you to say your computer is malfunctioning.

These are just scammers wanting not so much to get your money, but to steal your information and possibly your identity.

In closing, always have you local It professional work on your machine. never use any online/800 number service.

if you have any questions fee free to call us at 343-2713
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