Marchese Computer
Products, Inc.

220 Ellicott Street
Batavia, NY  14020

ph: 585 343-2713
fax: 585 344-0690

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Servers, Workstations, Home systems

Phone Systems & Phone Service
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Serving Customers and Community for over 32 years.

From it's small beginnings in 1981, Marchese Computer has grown to a full-service technology solution provider on which many of our local businesses depend for all of their IT needs.


The full-time staff of 12 are kept busy servicing thousands of clients including businesses, organizations, government agencies, and home users.


Marchese Computer is an important contributor to the local community as an employeer, vendor, trainer for students (internships, work-study, speaker at events), consumer that believes in buying locally, and generous supporter of local groups and causes. Additionally they fill an important need for area small businesses that don't have their own full-time IT departments by serving as consultants, researchers, and system administrators on an as-needed basis.


As the oldest and most complete technology store in the area, Marchese Computer makes available a broad array of products and services to it's clients including hardware, software, service and warranty work, web design and hosting, custom programming, consulting, system design, and much more. All of this is backed by exceptional expertise, years of experience, and total concern for the customer delivered in a way that only local folks, serving local folks, can.


The MCP brand of computer has evolved into a complete line of custom machines including home machines, workstations, and servers. Eash machine is custom-crafted to provide the most perfect match between technology and the intended purpose.


The full-time service department is factory trained and authorized and services not only the MCP brand but most of the name-brand equipment on the market.


From initial planning through installation, service and support after the sale, Marchese's offers it all.



We are proud to now offer the Xerox line!

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