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Since 1981 Marchese Computer has served the Genesee area by supplying leading edge technology solutions in the fields of computers, networking, telecommunications, web design/hosting, and security systems. Locally owned and staffed, Marchese Computer provides service, warranty work, hardware, software, consulting and managed IT services. Marchese Computer, and its employees, actively support our community and other local businesses and take great pride in providing the best products and services possible to our local friends and neighbors at competitive prices.

Stop in and say hello at 220 Ellicott Street, Batavia or call us at 585-343-2713, to see how we might help you with your personal or business technology needs.

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Homeland Security warns Windows PC users to uninstall Quicktime

The Department of Homeland Security and a top cybersecurity firm have advised Windows PC users to uninstall Apple's Quicktime video player immediately after two new bugs were found in the software.

In a blog post published Thursday, the Trend Micro security firm said that Apple was no longer issuing security updates for Quicktime for Windows, despite the presence of the bugs. Trend Micro said the bugs could be used to launch attacks on PCs if users visit a compromised web page or open a tainted file.

"The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows," US-CERT's alert said.

There has been no public comment from Apple on the situation, though the company has posted instructions for uninstalling Quicktime for Windows on its website.
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How ransomware is spread?
Spam is the most common method for distributing ransomware. It is generally spread using some form of social engineering; victims are tricked into downloading an e-mail attachment
or clicking a link. Fake email messages might appear to be a note from a friend or colleague asking a user to check out an attached file, for example. Or, email might come from a trusted
institution (such as a bank) asking you to perform a routine task. Sometimes, ransomware uses scare tactics such as claiming that the computer has been used for illegal activities to coerce victims. Once the user takes action, the malware installs itself on the system and begins encrypting files. It can happen in the blink of an eye with a single click.

Another common method for spreading ransomware is a software package known as an exploit kit. These packages are designed to identify vulnerabilities and exploit them to install ransomware. In this type of attack, hackers install code on a legitimate website that redirects computer users to a malicious site. Unlike the spam method, sometimes this approach requires no additional actions from the victim. This is referred to as a “drive-by download” attack.The most common exploit kit in use today is known as Angler. A May 2015 study conducted by security software vendor Sophos showed that thousands of new web pages running Angler are created every day. The Angler exploit kit uses HTML and JavaScript to identify the victim’s browser and installed plugins, which allows the hacker to select an attack that is the most likely to be successful. Using a variety of obfuscation techniques, Angler is constantly evolving to evade detection by security software products. Angler is just one exploit kit, there are a variety of others in use today as well.

So be very careful where you go on the Web these days and what email you open. Always err on the cautious side.

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Ask us about Empire Access the only company that uses all Fiber Optic cable in Batavia. Not only are we are the local authorized agent for Empire Access but we use this service at our shop and have had no issues since we switched from our old provider several months ago.

For business users we guarantee we can save you money and provide more reliable service than you currently have.

For home users, we can get you Phone and Internet currently with full TV offerings in the very near future. If you sign up now, we'll make sure you get the TV promo when it becomes available.

The Speed on Empire compared to the cable company is incredible. 100MB X 20MB. This is twice as fast download and four times as fast upload. The service never blocks traffic, so it won't slow down at 3PM everyday as we all have seen on the cable system.
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