Protect Your Business and Assets from Hackers!

At any moment, your business could go from thriving to barely surviving! That’s because cybercriminals today stop at nothing to target businesses JUST LIKE YOURS. Even if you THINK your network and private data are safe, hackers are plotting their next malware attack that could cost you massive time, considerable money and even your best clients.

Fortunately for you, this cybersecurity book presents the critical information you need today to protect your business, your assets and your livelihood from cybercrime! You’ll learn:

.. How your business RIGHT NOW is at risk for losing considerable productivity, sales, customers, lawsuits and money from malware attacks

.. Why YOUR BUSINESS is the #1 target for cyberattacks, and why YOU are your business’s weakest link

.. How a MOUNTAIN of COSTS and WEEKS of WASTED TIME could result from a single data breach and what you should do to prevent an attack

.. What are the TOP NINE ways cybercriminals HACK your network and what you can do now to stop them

.. What exactly is CLOUD COMPUTING and how it can enhance your network security while increasing productivity and lowering costs

.. How it takes the average IDENTITY THEFT victim 600 HOURS to clear their name and the four ways to protect your business today

.. The major risks of allowing your employees to work from home and the FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to ensure this business model never compromises your network

.. And so much more!




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    For more than 15 years, Marchese Computer has provided us peace of mind knowing that we have the latest updates and protection without us having to do a thing. For our 24 hour business, Marchese Computer is always very responsive to any issues that happen no matter what time of the day or night.   MCP has “bailed us out” on a number of occasions. They always make you feel that you are their most important customer. We would not go anywhere else.

    Dan Fischer

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    We have worked with Marchese Computer Product, Inc. for more than 15 years and the single biggest benefit to our company is their responsiveness to our needs.  They have always made themselves readily available to provide all of our technological support no matter what the circumstances. I have never had the need or the desire to work with any other IT firm as the Staff at Marchese Computer is well educated and versed in all IT Solutions.   For any IT solutions we have needed at our Law firm they have provided efficient and on point services at a reasonable price.

    Benjamin J. Bonarigo, Esq

    Attorney, Bonarigo & McCutcheon

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    We moved to Marchese Computer’s managed services so we could take the worry and staffing needs out of IT.   Paul and his staff have provided personal service and spot on recommendations to us of over a decade and they always are willing to go the extra mile in making sure our goals are met within budget..  Simply put you should call Marchese Computer today, you won’t be disappointed..

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    The simple answer to why Marchese computer over our old provider is Knowledge, fast service, and they never tried to sell me something I didn’t need.  They listened to what our needs were, explained the technology and guided us through integrating our two facilities with Phones, Video, Firewalls, and internet connections.

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